Headshot Photography



Simple headshot useful in 99% of your needs.

Who: Pretty much any individual’s resume, social media profiles or web.

Location: studio, outdoors or a place of your choice

Time: Each session can be anytime from 15 to 45 minutes


Captivating and intense headshot to make the audience stop and pay attention.

Who: This is more creative approach of headshot designed for actors, creatives, and

Location: Usually shot outdoors or studio, but can be done anywhere to your creativity, convenience or idea.

Time: Each session can be anytime from 30 to 90 minutes.


Formal headshots within the corporate environment to translate your brand. Let the “studio” come to you in order to make this shoot as painless as possible.

Who: Offices, companies and corporations with larger amount of people.

Location: Within your office environment with or without a seamless backdrop, studio space.


*Contact me for pricing and availability..

*Final price can vary depending on location, makeup, wardrobe changes, etc.

*Makeup service available for additional fee.